Saturday 05/30/09

Tomorrow I’m off to the grocery. I’m working on a list, and I will post the list tomorrow with the amount spent. My goal is to spend less than $100 for a week’s groceries for two people. I believe it is doable. Also, tomorrow I will post the food planned for the week. I haven’t tried this yet. But after putting the plan together, I won’t have excuses for straying off the plan.

Tomorrow afternoon I plan on watching the Nascar race with my friend Bob and his dog Lola. I might post a pic of Lola. She is a cutie.

scrambled eggs with a baked chicken breast

1 and a half waffles topped with Vanilla yogurt

Sandwich (2 rye, baked chicken breast, low fat mayo, and spicy mustard)


1 eggroll
12 hot wings
bite of rice

3 cups


4 thoughts on “Saturday 05/30/09

  1. Some of the healthiest foods really are the cheapest! Maybe not the ones we want to eat, but they can be made to be delicious. Check out is you get a chance for some pretty good recipes (the pictures of the food suck, so don’t go by them!)


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