Weightloss Pic with my friend Jennifer and I Lost 6 LBS

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a way to illustrate just exactly how much weight I’ve lost. I’ve seen on other blogs where people have listed out items that weigh the same as what they’ve lost, and I’ve also seen pictures of people carrying big bags of dog food or some other heavy object, and I thought, “you know, that really is not my style.” And, the one thing that I’ve heard from people over and over again is, “you lost a person!” So, I thought, “Cool, I’ll do a photo with a person that weighs as much as I’ve lost.”

Well, I’ve been following Mrs. Jennifer West on http://www.TheJenWestQuest.com – Jen has really set herself apart from other weight loss bloggers. She didn’t start her blog with an extreme amount of weight to lose (like I did), but she has been working really hard on reaching her goals. Her starting weight was 192 lbs on March 31st. As of her last weigh in, she is down to 179lbs. (Actually, she has a weigh in today, you’ll have to go check out her blog to find out what she’s down to.)

You might be asking, “what does Jennifer do to separate herself from the pack?” Well, to help hold herself accountable with her readers (and herself), every weigh-in she shoots her weigh-in pics in her bikini. (You know this caught my attention.) :)

Additionally, Jennifer recently started the Carb Lover’s Diet from Health Magazine. She’s been blogging about her adventures in that project, and hopefully we’ll see Jennifer and the other participants in Health Magazine closer to the end of the year.

So, I thought she’d be perfect to ask about taking this picture with me, and surprisingly, without hesitation, she agreed.

Thank you Jennifer, it was a pleasure meeting you!!!

Here are some other shots from Vulcan:

Weigh In

My weight this morning was 464 lbs, a 6 lb loss from last week, and this brings my total loss from Feb 2009 to 168 lbs. (Killing it baby, KILLING IT!!!)

15 thoughts on “Weightloss Pic with my friend Jennifer and I Lost 6 LBS

  1. Stephen, you dog!! Where were the bikini-clad women when I was visiting you in Birmingham? Seriously, congratulations, dude, and Jennifer too! Looking great!


  2. You ARE Killing it!! You GO BOY!! (do people still say that, or am I totally dating myself??!) Anyways, you are like butter, on a ROLL. HA HA HA HA


  3. Congrats! You are killing me though. I've lost 7LBS in the time you've lost 16LBS. At my age, I am not jealous. I celebrate the success in others. Well, that is normally the case, but we have a wager for intoxicants— first one to 80LBS (64LBS for you to go — 73 for me) lost by your birthday I believe (three days after I turn 40). It has to be the exercise, and you've motivated me there. At this rate, you will pass me by in weight-wise near the beginning of August, and I cannot have that happen, although I want that to happen for you — what a conundrum? Again, congrats. You look great, and you are both so brave for putting it out there. As I've said before it is the self-shame, and fear of being judged that keep seriously fat people from being where we need to be, outside exercising, in pools, at the gym, etc. You are evidencing how brave you are, how much past that fear of judgment, how committed to getting healthier you are just by posting this, and being justifiably proud of your accomplishments. Keep it up!


  4. I just discovered your blog through Jennifer West. I am so proud of you( & Jen) and plan to follow your progress. I agree with you, it's not rock science – it's about changing attitudes and behaviors. I love your enthusiasm. It's contagious! Sonthe


  5. Thank you Aaron!!!! I have been blessed here in Birmingham. A while ago I was ready to call it quits, but local friends have had my back!!I don't take this gift for granted! However, I will take that case of beer in September. :)I also want to thank you for messaging me periodically. It's always good to chat with folks that understand.Thank you,Stephen


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