Wednesday Weigh In: 9 lb loss… Total loss: 289 lbs


Last Weigh-In: 352 LBS

Today’s Weigh-In: 343 LBS

Loss for the week: -9 LBS

Starting Weight 02/01/09: 632 LBS

Total Weight Lost Since 02/01/09 : 289 LBS


Before I get all excited, this weight loss is a reflection of “water weight.” According to my calorie numbers for the week, I should have gained. However, I did drink a lot of beer over the weekend, which dehydrates me. Then I worked out 4/7 days last week. So, I’m glad there was a loss, but I’m not excited. I’m pissed off at myself with the flip flopping throughout this year. Up one week, down the next, up the next, etc…

There are three goals in my life at the moment:

1. Take care of work

2. Lose blubber (I’m not going to be satisfied until I get down to 200 lbs.)

3. Jog the Mercedes half marathon in February –> My training last year was half assed. I’m determined this year to complete my training schedule. Fortunately, the leg is starting to feel better, so I hope to be back to running by Thursday, November 10th. I’ve been working hard on recovering from this injury. Also, my new shoes should be in any day now.

The shirt in the pic above says, “Battle Mode.” It should read, “PISSED OFF MODE!”


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In: 9 lb loss… Total loss: 289 lbs

  1. Battle mode is the attitude to have, not pissed off mode. In battle mode you are in control of your actions. It’s time to get serious, forget about whatever decisions your pissed off about, that was needed to get you into battle mode.

    This is where your goal to reach 200lbs starts. This is where your goal to jog a 1/2 marathon begins. This is where you tell the old you that you don’t wanna be him anymore. You want to become the new Stephen!


  2. Stephen don’t be so hard on yourself! A loss is loss so you should be excited. I understand about going up and down I have been going through it for the last year. The same ten pounds. Of course in a perfect weight loss story we would love always to see a loss on the scale but life isn’t perfect. There will be always be up and downs. That’s what makes the ups feel so great!!! You are still inspiring me and because of that I now have my own blog. I am also realizing that it is more about the journey then anything else.

    P.S. Maybe the frustration you feel right now will turn into a positive with your workouts and eating use that drive!


  3. Whatever mode that will get you there, dude. If getting pissed will help you toss a few more pounds after those nine that you ditched, then go for it. You have accomplished SO MUCH already — I don’t think there is anything you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it.


  4. Stephen….Congrat’s I wish I was able to be able to put that on a post some where…and I was confused when I read your shirt “Battle Mode” but your face does read “Pissed off Mode” but it should be reading “I am kicking ASS MODE” Congrat’s and you are rocking the weight loss!!


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