Happy Thanksgiving

I’m taking it easy today. My arms are sore from yesterday’s upper body strength training, and my legs are sore from all of the running.

I did start out today with an easy 3 mile run in Mountain Brook, and then headed over to the JLCC to meet up with Ronnie and Walker the Wonderdog. They ran the Turkey Trot 10k . It’s always a blast meeting up with them.

Since I ate Thanksgiving dinner with the family on Monday night, I’m eating my typical food today. :-) It feels good knowing that I’m not going to gain weight over Thanksgiving, and my logic dictates that if I can do that over thanksgiving, I can also do that over Christmas and New Years.

In my quest to eliminate food/alcohol temptations, we have decided not to make Christmas candy as gifts for folks this year. Not only is it expensive to buy all of the ingredients, I tend to eat a lot of the finished product. ;-)

The only possible temptations I see in my future are homemade sweet potato pies in December for Christmas and the possibility of going to the National Championship Game in New Orleans in January. I’ll have to practice self control with those pies at Christmas time. It’s a yearly tradition that I look forward to every year.

If Alabama makes it to the big game in January, Will, Tiffany, and I have tentative plans to take an Amtrak to New Orleans and go to the game (granted we can get affordable tickets to the game.) I’ll just wait and see what happens before planning out this trip… I’ll also consult with Sonthe. :-)

Oooooh, I still have last year’s New Year’s Resolution to fulfill. My resolution was to lose 10 lbs in December. Let’s see what happens. :-)

Last thing, Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of my readers, fans, friends, family, supporters, and haters. I love you all!! :-D (I really do.)



2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. If you still want to make things – why not consider making something that is a healthy alternative? Or since, you’ve made all these awesome changes in your life – why not find a way share those changes with others?


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Stephen! And good on you with your eating and plans for the Season. It is great that you are not going to fall into the trap of ‘celebrating’ from Thanksgiving right through to New Years.

    We don’t usually give Christmas gifts as it is stressful, we spend money we don’t have, and it takes the focus off celebrating the true meaning of the season. We’ve reverted to giving some money to my brother for an education fund for his kids, and use the time saved to spend more time with family. It has been a real stress reliever to have the extra time to make some wholesome but yummy Christmas treats and be able to spend more quality time together.

    A less expensive alternative that we did one year, was to make a Christmas spiced whole-grain pancake mix to give to our family members and friends. We layered the dry ingredients in cleaned out clear plastic peanut butter containers (we eat a lot of peanut butter) and fancied them up with a colourful ribbon. We added a little tag with the instructions and the full recipe in case someone wanted to make them again on their own. We loved the idea so much we made another 10 batches just for ourselves so that whenever we wanted a healthy breakfast meal, we could quickly grab a jar and make our own whole grain pancakes quickly without having to source out all the dry ingredients – it is a time saver that we continue to use. The ingredients were not very expensive. We didn’t have to use any utilities to make the gifts, we had the clear plastic containers handy, and the ribbon too. So, our gift was a healthy breakfast :) I think our next foray will be to create an electronic healthy recipe booklet with pictures of our family at mealtimes and pictures of us gardening. It is a goal of mine to help all of our family members to strive to get away from processed foods and to stay healthy, because we want them all to be around for a very long time!

    I also agree with Jenn (above). You are tech-savvy, so you could make a PDF calendar or a print calendar with some of your favourite recipes, workouts and tips. You could put a challenge in for every month that you will challenge yourself and your family and friends with. It would almost be like adding them to your healthy lifestyle journey and they would know what you were working on every month.

    Looking forward to hearing about your lose 10 pounds in December challenge. My gym put on a contest to win a TV for anyone that did at least 25 classes in December. I didn’t need the TV but I worked my booty off and it was my funnest Christmas ever as I was active and did not gain at all! So … let us know your plan for losing that 10!!!

    Loving reading your posts – they keep me motivated too :)


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