The Day After…

Good morning, I survived the 2011 Iron Bowl :-D

Of course there was a loss of control over eating and drinking yesterday, but today, I am back in charge. I’m so glad we got that run in, and I’m thankful that Will did it with me. He’s a trooper.

I feel fine today, surprisingly. I thought that I would have a terrible hangover, but I feel fine.

Again, I didn’t drink enough water yesterday.

The run yesterday SUCKED!!! My legs were still fatigued… I had to walk a portion of the four miles, which I hate doing that, but my legs wouldn’t allow me to run the entire time. Also, it was friggin’ hot, and I HATE running in the heat. It was four ugly miles, but 4 ugly miles is better than no miles at all.

Today, no exercise. I’ll be running 3 miles on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Wednesday, I’ll do another upper body workout, and I have a workout scheduled with Julie on Friday. It’ s gonna be a fantastic exercise week. :-)

About this weekend: I have had a blast here at Will’s apartment. The Iron Bowl was great. There were a couple of moments during the game where Will ran around the apartment on his knees, and it was one of the funniest things that I have ever witnessed. :-)


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