Wednesday Weigh In: no change… Total loss: 276 lbs


Last Weigh-In: 356 LBS

Today’s Weigh-In: 356 LBS

Loss for the week: no change

Starting Weight 02/01/09: 632 LBS

Total Weight Lost Since 02/01/09 : 276 LBS


It’s a good thing to not gain over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sonthe and I discussed my plans of avoiding the Christmas party and trip to New Orleans. She believes that avoiding those events wouldn’t be a good idea. It might have adverse affects on my diet (being depressed about not going.)  I’ll make a solid plan and stick with it. I CAN DO IT!

I’ve been back on track today with my eating. I’ll be continuing my running regimen tomorrow morning.

I received a fantastic email from Danny Haralson (Run University) to the entire running group, but it felt like he wrote it just for me. :-) Here’s some of that email:

It’s never too late to start making this your best year ever and jump starting 2012.

One day at a time, one goal, dream, obligation at a time.

Don’t make excuses!

Jeffrey Gitomer says it best, bluntly, but best, “It ain’t your job, it ain’t your friends, and it ain’t your family….it’s you; and it always has been.” Ouch!

Bottom line (another cliche), “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”

Make good, postive choices….you KNOW what you need to do…Remember, YOU above all else!

(this therapy session is brought to you by Run University through a grant offered by Jolly Good Fellows Anonymous).

Let’s start by aiming for the Mercedes Half – we’re not racing it, we’re covering the distance, we’re earning the medal and achieving a goal.

So remember, speed at this juncture is unimportant!

Cover the distance – plus if you keep up with the program you won’t have to worry about holiday calories!*

Now, I know you’ll have holiday parties and commitments, pace yourself and remember – you don’t have to be the last to leave!

You may just have to come run in the mornings….

  1. That’ll make you leave early….once you try running 5 miles in the morning hungover with 3 hours sleep it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be lesson learned!
  2. Tell friends what you’re doing! Then you’ll catch H E (double sticks) if you quit over the holidays choosing lack of focus over a clear cut goal.

Go to the parties, have 1 drink and go home and go to bed!

Pssst, listen, if I can do it…..anyone can!

Oddly enough,some years ago running the distance became more important to me than any party.

The party POST run was always earned…..still is.

Do the best you can through the holiday’s, something is better than nothing, so if you can’t get a 5 mile run in, go for ‘3’….

If it gets tough, let me know! We still have 6 weeks after the holidays….

Regret is a tough pill to swallow….hang in there…



Coach Danny Haralson, RRCA & AFAA Certified
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*In my situation (binge eating) “if you keep up with the program you won’t have to worry about holiday calories!” is not true… but I wasn’t going to omit that from his message.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In: no change… Total loss: 276 lbs

  1. “That’ll make you leave early….once you try running 5 miles in the morning hungover with 3 hours sleep it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be lesson learned!”

    hahaha, this is NOT true. I’ve done my last two races (a 5k and a 10k) hungover as crap. BAD PLAN. But lesson NOT learned.


  2. I think you just need to plan, and then stick with it. Make a decision once, and then you don’t need to make it again. No reason to spend time rethinking. Choose one holiday fete and enjoy it and politely decline the less meaningful ones. Even though I don’t have weight to lose, I know my self-control isn’t great, so I choose my holiday celebrations carefully, and make sure that my own is filled with healthy treats. You will definitely reach your goals if you stick with your plan, I truly believe that.


  3. Don’t think to yourself that you have to avoid parties for the rest of your life. It may be a while, until you get everything on straight. And that “a while” could be years. But someday, you’ll be able to attend another party and enjoy yourself. It’s just that, for now, you need to avoid it. And you don’t know how long “for now” is, so it might seem intimidating to look into the future.

    You’ll be able to do it someday — but not now. You’re in a life position now where you are at risk of going on a food bender. You’re still just learning how NOT to go on food benders, so you’re in a precarious position. Be careful with yourself for a good, long while before you enter a place of danger.


  4. It’s funny how your posts are paralleling my life right now! I am also having to learn to limit my drinks so that I don’t say “heck with it” and lose control with food. You are inspiring me so much! Now I just need to get out of bed in the mornings and start running again.


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