Bitter Sweet Saturday

Dear reader, today is a bitter sweet Saturday for me. Today is the last home game for my college football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Will and I are going to the game, although the game is a guaranteed win for Bama. It’s always fun just to be in Tuscaloosa on game day.

Every game that I go to now, I think about all the games that I missed because I was too fat for the seats, and I also couldn’t handle all of the walking (back and forth to the car and climbing stairs and ramps at the stadium.) My first home game was last year, my buddy Trey and I went to the Georgia State vs. Bama game. I also tailgated at the Auburn vs. Alabama game.

This year, Will and I went to the following games at home: North Texas Mean Green, Vanderbilt Commodores, Tennessee Volunteers, and I tailgated at the LSU game.

I feel blessed to get the opportunity to go to all of these games. It’s so much better than sitting at home all weekend. :-)  ROLL TIDE!!!

Bod Pod Test Results – My body fat percentage

Wednesday, I went to the Lakeshore Foundation here in Birmingham, Alabama, and found out my body fat percentage and weight numbers. They used a fancy machine, called a Bod Pod for the testing.

The Bod Pod (in the picture below) uses air displacement to measure lean body mass and fat mass.

I had to remove all of my clothing except for unpadded bicycle shorts and a swimmer’s cap. The first thing they had me do was step up on the scale. My weight was 366 lbs. Then they had me sit in the bod pod. After running the test, which only took a couple of minutes, they do one final test in which I breathed into a tube. They wanted to find out how much air was in my lungs.

Anyway, here are the results of my tests. There were two tests. They calculated my body fat % using two different models, the Brozek model and the Siri model. Links are provided at the bottom of this post for further explanations about the bod pod, body composition, and the Brozek and Siri models.

My height is 69 inches (5′ 9″)

Brozek model results:

Density: 0.998 kg/l

Percent Fat: 43.6 %
Percent Lean: 56.4%

Fat Weight: 159.7 lbs
Lean Weight: 206.4 lbs
Total Weight: 366.1 lbs

Siri model results:

Density: 0.997 kg/l

Percent Fat: 46.4%
Percent Lean: 53.6%

Fat Weight: 169.8 lbs
Lean Weight: 196.2 lbs
Total Weight: 366.0 lbs

What did I learn from this test?

I don’t know why, but I had this internal perception that my body was one gigantic blob of fat. This test helped me to see that there is a significant amount of bone, muscle, organs, and water included in my body weight. I believe this test will be most beneficial when I get tested again. I’ll be able to see if I’m losing majority body fat or if I’m losing muscle mass. My goal, of course, is to increase muscle mass and lose fat. I’m also interested in seeing my results after I have skin reduction surgery (which will happen later in my journey).

At this moment, I’m healthy and I’ve got all green lights to train for the Mercedes Half Marathon that is on Sunday, February 12th, 2012. My plan is to go back for another bod pod test in 3 months if I follow my training and nutrition plans for the Half Marathon. I’m thinking if I accomplish 80-90% of my plans and lose a significant amount of weight (30+ lbs), I’ll do the test in 3 mos. If I get injured and am not able to train hard (my nutrition will still be good), I’ll go back for another test in 6 months. (6 months was the recommended duration between tests.) I think it would be interesting to see how much of an effect the working out will have on my muscle mass. Also, it’ll be interesting to see how effective my regiment is at reducing fat on my body.

More Info

Here is more info about the Bod Pod: I like the video on this page: They say that the Bod Pods are used at the NFL combines, by NFL teams, and also by a lot of college football teams. Here’s a video on the entire test procedure: Here is info on the Siri and Brozek models:


Wednesday Weigh In: 11 lb gain… Total loss: 266 lbs


Last Weigh-In: 355 LBS

Today’s Weigh-In: 366 LBS

Loss for the week: +11 LBS

Starting Weight 02/01/09: 632 LBS

Total Weight Lost Since 02/01/09 : 266 LBS


The one common positive from last week: I tracked all of my food. No matter what or how much I ate, I tracked it.

My week (starting Wednesday of last week) started out great. Then Friday, I started having a sore throat and some minor sinus issues. Saturday and Sunday, I went to Atlanta and visited with my friend Cyndi and her husband, Kevin. Monday, I ended up going to the doc and started some antibiotics, which is when MAJOR, UNCONTROLLABLE cravings started. It was bad!

Today is Thursday, and I have one more day of antibiotics remaining. I associate those feelings of uncontrollable cravings with antibiotics. I don’t know if it is indeed the antibiotics that cause the cravings or just because I’m not feeling well and I’m tired… I don’t know. All I can do is explain how I feel and what happens. I do wish that these feelings and behaviors didn’t occur, but they do. I just survive the storm, then move on, and try not to let the one to two bad weeks sink the ship. :-)

I’m feeling better and eating better today. I’m going to be lazy and not workout until tomorrow (if Mrs. Watters is available) or just wait until Saturday for my long run with Will. Yes, the time has come to train for the Mercedes Half Marathon. I’m in a better position this year to finish the half in under four hours, which is my goal, but I wouldn’t be shocked if I was able to do it in 3.5 hours. To me the most important task at hand, is just being out there.

This coming week is shaping up to be a good, healthy week with me getting back on track.


Wednesday Weigh In: 12 lb gain… Total loss: 277 lbs


Last Weigh-In: 343 LBS

Today’s Weigh-In: 355 LBS

Loss for the week: +12 LBS

Starting Weight 02/01/09: 632 LBS

Total Weight Lost Since 02/01/09 : 277 LBS



Note, like last week, this weigh in is not a true reflection of fat gained (last week, it was a mega loss). My fluids should be balanced within 2-3 weeks. We’ll probably see a dramatic loss the next 2-3 weeks, and if I consistently eat normally, I will lose .5 – 2 lbs per week. Which, is my target. I don’t want to lose more that 2lbs of body fat per week.

Stupid weigh in. ha ha.


Rough Monday

I had a horrible Monday. To make a long story short, I skipped all of my medications (blood pressure, multi-vitamin, fish oil, anti-depressant, and thyroid meds) and didn’t sleep using my CPAP machine (it’s used for sleep apnea). In a rush to get out of town for the night, I thought I would be okay going one day without all that stuff. WRONG!!

On Monday, I had one of the worst bouts of depression that I’ve ever had. It sucked!

Fortunately, my twitter friends and a friend from Fargo helped me out. Also, I went to the theater.

Today has been better. Hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll be back to my normal cheery self.

Today, I started the self help section of the “Overcoming Binge Eating” book. My goal is to stop the binge eating (and binge drinking) once and for all…

Half marathon training started today… I kicked it off with 30 min. of aqua jogging and swimming some laps. Coach Danny is going to send me a running schedule, one received, I’ll post it here…

Here’s to a great Wednesday!

My B.E.D. is like this year’s University of Alabama football team

I went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama this weekend to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide kick their own ass against their opponent, the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers.  (Thankfully I didn’t buy tickets to the game.)

The short story is we lost that game because we couldn’t kick field goals. Aside from the missed field goals, the game was fantastic, but those field goals have to be made in order to win the game.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” ~ unknown

My Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is like this year’s University of Alabama kicking game. Generally, I eat healthy and I really love to exercise, but my weakness is binge eating. I’m starting to focus all of my energy on my BED problem because getting rid of that weak link will give me a strong chain and I will stop kicking my own ass when it comes to losing weight.

On my way home from Tuscaloosa Sunday, I stopped at the book store to see what books they had on binge eating, and they had one book, “OVERCOMING Binge Eating,” by Dr. Christopher G. Fairburn. In it, the entire second half of the book is dedicated to overcoming binge eating.

At times I don’t believe that I have binge eating disorder, I think that it doesn’t exist… I believe that it’s just moments of weakness. However, sometimes I just can’t control myself around food.

I believe there are times where overeating in normal behavior such as at a party with party food, but there is nothing normal about binging…

Sometimes, I’ll eat when no one is looking, or I’ll eat until sickeningly full. I’ve never been so full that I vomit, but I’ve been close on rare occasions. Ninety-five percent of the time, I can’t control myself around sweets or fatty foods. If I make that decision to start eating,  I’m not stopping until it’s gone.

Now the time has come to tackle this BED problem once and for all. It’s interfering with me “winning my game.” I don’t expect to have a perfect season, but I’m going to come out on top.



Cold Hearted, Cold Blooded, Cold as Ice, Just COLD!!!!!

I worked packet pickup for the Vulcan 10k run that is going down this Saturday, and it was COLD outside. We’re working in a tent…. and it was colder inside the tent then it was outside the tent. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I bundled and wrapped and space heatered and WAS STILL COLD!!!!! I WAS WEARING A BLANKET…. AND STILL COLD!

Right now I have on thick wool socks for hunters (picked these babies up at the sporting goods store) and my feet are STILL FREEZING!!!!

The point of me telling you about my cold (not dead) heart is, when I was heavier, I was NEVER cold. I hated wearing jackets and other winter gear. I could go all winter with a tshirt (and pants, of course) (btw, have you noticed those little signs, “No shirt, No shoes, No service”? What about pants???) Anyway, I freeze now that I’ve lost weight. Brrrrr.

Another observation about losing weight…. when I weighed 632 lbs, I could just hop in a swimming pool and not have to doggie paddle to stay afloat because there was so much blubber…. now, I either doggie paddle or drown (talk about drowning your sorrows) ….. SERIOUSLY!

Binge Eating on the Rise

I don’t know what’s going on, but my binging is on the rise lately. I do well in the morning and afternoon, but all hell breaks loose when I get home in the evening. I’ve done this the past two days. It’s disappointing. I just totally lose control.

I truly have a Binge Eating Disorder (BED).  I’ll just keep working…

Wednesday Weigh In: 9 lb loss… Total loss: 289 lbs


Last Weigh-In: 352 LBS

Today’s Weigh-In: 343 LBS

Loss for the week: -9 LBS

Starting Weight 02/01/09: 632 LBS

Total Weight Lost Since 02/01/09 : 289 LBS


Before I get all excited, this weight loss is a reflection of “water weight.” According to my calorie numbers for the week, I should have gained. However, I did drink a lot of beer over the weekend, which dehydrates me. Then I worked out 4/7 days last week. So, I’m glad there was a loss, but I’m not excited. I’m pissed off at myself with the flip flopping throughout this year. Up one week, down the next, up the next, etc…

There are three goals in my life at the moment:

1. Take care of work

2. Lose blubber (I’m not going to be satisfied until I get down to 200 lbs.)

3. Jog the Mercedes half marathon in February –> My training last year was half assed. I’m determined this year to complete my training schedule. Fortunately, the leg is starting to feel better, so I hope to be back to running by Thursday, November 10th. I’ve been working hard on recovering from this injury. Also, my new shoes should be in any day now.

The shirt in the pic above says, “Battle Mode.” It should read, “PISSED OFF MODE!”


Busy Day

Today has been insanely busy! (This is a good thing.)

Between work and doing some data entry work for this Saturday’s Vulcan 10k race, I’m worn out. I’m also thankful for the work. :-)

My workout yesterday was great! At Anytime Fitness I warmed up for 10 minutes on the elliptical, then worked out my legs on the machines. After that, I drove to the YMCA for some pool time. I did 25 minutes of aqua jogging for my injured leg, then I swam laps for 30 minutes. Finally, I headed back to Anytime Fitness for a shower. I’m not a fan of the group shower at the Y, just a personal preference. (Anytime Fitness has private showers.)

Today I didn’t workout. I really wanted to, but I was so busy and I’m still typing in entries for Vulcan.

Tomorrow’s weigh in day! I’m expecting a slight gain because of my horrible food/alcohol weekend.

This is today’s brief report. Tune in tomorrow for the weigh in results. :-)