Sick and Old Behaviors

Sonthe is working hard with me on my old food behaviors. Instead of focusing on the scale and milestones, I am focusing on not binging, eating right, planning, tracking, and exercising every day. I am focusing on the process of losing weight.

Well, today and yesterday I’ve been sick with sinus and chest congestion. When I’m sick, I gain a lot of comfort from binging. I’ve been binging on high carb foods like waffles and bread. I also binged on some turkey deli meat. So, not only have I consumed a lot of calories, I’ve consumed a lot of sodium. ¬†One of the things Sonthe specifically discussed with me last Wednesday was not seeking comfort from food. Well, tomorrow I’m starting back over on my planning and tracking. (I skipped both yesterday and today.)

Positives about yesterday and today:

  • I did not bring junk foods, fast food, or sweets into the house for me to binge on.
  • Well, I did buy mom some ice cream when I went to the grocery store, but I only bought her a very small container of ice cream. This reduced my chances of binging on ice cream, and if I had, it would have been a smaller amount than if I bought a large container of ice cream. (Note: I didn’t eat any of that ice cream.)
  • I’ve minimized the binging to only 2 days.
  • I’m not making excuses about my behavior. I binged for comfort from being sick.
Negatives about yesterday and today:
  • I did not plan my meals or plan my exercise.
  • I did not track my meals or track my (non¬†existent) exercise.
  • I didn’t exercise.
  • I didn’t drink enough water.
  • I binged.

Our goal is for me to have a healthy relationship with food… all I can say is that it’s going to take work and effort for me to refrain from reverting to my old behaviors and habits.

I’ll go ahead and type out my plan for Sonthe (I email it to her every day), and get back on track. I’ll drink a lot of water tomorrow and get an hour of walking in. (Walking because I still have chest congestion, otherwise, I would run.)

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2 thoughts on “Sick and Old Behaviors

  1. Hello Stephen,
    I’ve been getting over a cold for the past few days, and I know the feeling. While in bed, sick as a dog with a cold last weekend, I realized that I was getting comfortable with food, and not exercising at all, I can tell you that I gain a few pounds. Once I realize what I was doing, I got off my butt, and I’ve been hitting my exercise bike every day after dinner, I know that you will get back on track for sure, because you are a strong and dedicated person. I’ll leave you with a saying that they use at work. Plan the work and work the plan.


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