My New Job at the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Fitness Center

I’m so excited to announce that on October 17th, I will start working at the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Fitness Center! This is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that has anything and everything one would want in a fitness center (aka gym).  They have free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, spin, 3 group exercise rooms, an indoor track, an outdoor walking/running trail, lap pool, heated pool, whirl pool, steam room, sauna  and showers. They have group exercise classes including, water aerobics, zumba, spin, Pilates  yoga, body pump, and a few others that I’m not quite sure what they are. Their cardio equipment consists of, treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes, step machines, ellipticals, and recumbent exercise bikes.

My starting full-time position at the fitness center is a front counter/receptionist position. My duties include greeting members as they enter/leave the facility, answer questions, troubleshoot issues/concerns, answer the phone, member retention (if you are a member and you haven’t been to the facility in a while, I’ll be calling to check on you), managing the towel bins, and any other duties that are asked of me.

I am so excited about this new adventure! I see a lot of potential for growth at St. Vincents One Nineteen! I see myself as a personal trainer there in the future, and also leading group exercise classes. I can also see some new classes specifically tailored to us heavy folks, something that is lacking in the world of fitness. I don’t really know of any general fitness facilities that have classes tailored for us heavy folks. We have special considerations, and we shouldn’t be expected to have the same performance as our lighter classmates.

Something that is so wonderful and exciting is that I’ll have benefits! I will have health, dental, and vision insurance! A major blessing!! There are tons of other benefits available that I will be able to participate in after working 6 months at the facility. Also, I do have a free membership to the fitness facility and discounts on services. Woo hoo!!

St. Vincent’s One Nineteen not only has the fitness center, they have other services including physical therapy, spa services, wellness services, diagnostics (mri, cat scan, x-ray, etc.), and physicians (pretty much in all fields of medicine). Basically, they have everything but overnight hospital rooms and an emergency room.

I’ve done a little investigating, and there are some safe places to bike near the fitness center. As a matter-of-fact, I’ve already biked the nice, steep hill that’s near the facility. One neat tid bit: The Tour De Cure, an annual century charity bike ride starts at St. Vincent’s 119. How cool is that?

I am so excited about this opportunity! I am going to do my best to inspire and motivate others just like they inspire and motivate me. I know that I’m am going to meet some wonderful folks! I’ve already met a gentleman there that is in his nineties, and is a regular at the fitness center.  So, be on the lookout for my fun adventures in this exciting, new opportunity!

13 thoughts on “My New Job at the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Fitness Center

  1. Stephen, we at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen are excited too, to have you come on board. I think you will be an inspiration to all our members and associates. Looking forward to meeting you!


  2. That’s so awesome! This sounds like it will be a great opportunity for you (Way better than driving a truck!). I really hope this allows you to complete all your goals.


  3. Congratulations! Every instructor has started as a participant, and I congratulate you on setting your sights on becoming an instructor. I think as you get to know your new club better, you’ll realize that fitness instructors and personal trainers are schooled in modifying programs for all levels of fitness and weight. BodyPump has less intense options as do all the other Les Mills programs, and we never expect participants to perform to a certain ‘standard’, but rather we coach their moves so that they can safely work up to a full range of motion, while protecting their joints. While I understand there might be some benefits to classes for heavier people, it would be once again marginalizing people who are overweight and there are benefits to having them in a regular class knowing they can have a positive fitness experience in a setting they thought was just for ‘fit folks’. Aqua classes seem to be the great equalizer, because the water holds up your body and everyone is fighting against the same resistance – that of the water.

    Yay for benefits and all that wonderful equipment to explore and enjoy!


  4. what a fantastic job. I imagine it would be pretty hard to go off track when you’re surrounded by people who are into their health and fitness all day. Good for you!


  5. Yipee!! Way to go….so glad to see you getting into something in fitness like you wanted…..and I am loving the idea of a fitness class for the heavy folks also….Good luck and your new position.



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