Century Training Has Started

Last week I found a twelve week Century training guide, and I used it as a template for my upcoming Century Bike Ride in May.  I have 19 weeks to prepare, so I planned for the long weekend ride distances to increase slower than the 12 week schedule.

My first long ride was a mere 10 miles, which I rode last Saturday on a stationary bike at work. As the temps get warmer, I’ll start riding my bike outside. The stationary bike will work for now. The key for me is to just get some momentum going with my workouts. I’m over the Holiday eating and guilt over said eating.

My training schedule calls for a 20-35 minute ride of various intensities on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I do a long ride on Saturdays. I started with 10 miles and by the end of the 19 week plan, I’ll ride the 100 miles in May.

The other days I will find various activities for my workouts. This week I am swimming on Monday and Wednesday, and maybe I’ll do a boxing workout with Harper on Friday. I might use Sundays as a rest day. We’ll see.

After I get that Century under my belt in May, I’m going to look in to participating in a swim/biking event, and also look into getting my lifeguard certification. Right now I want to use this 19 week period to get into shape and shed some weight.


5 thoughts on “Century Training Has Started

  1. This is awesome news. Glad to hear you sound so upbeat and with an excellent plan for the century ride.

    To be honest when I started reading this I was a tad envious. I haven’t made that kind of commitment with my bike in eons. And now I can’t ride it, due to my disability. However, I start with a new physical therapist next Monday. Besides aqua therapy, I am going to request to see if they can help me figure out how to use a stationary recumbent. I know if I can, it will take all my physical effort. So here’s the deal dude… listen up. If in the next few weeks we (physical therapy and myself) find that yes I can do this; I will train to ride with you for May, virtually. You shoot me the day of the ride and in May I will ride as many miles as I can, I will shoot for 10 for now and perhaps beyond. :) Deal?

    Be cheering you one! :D


  2. Stephen, you really started something….I needed a new challenge/goal. I’m in for a Century in May. Keep me posted on your progress. FYI get yourself to a spin class….if your teachers there ante 1/2 as good as mine it will help. My Monday night instructor is going to do the 100 with me!


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