Good Week

This was a good week. Exercise FINALLY seems to be going well. Sure, I’m still having sporadic numbness in my leg, but I’m doing way better than pre surgery. I should have a loss on Monday.

Work had me stressed out and frustrated this week. I’m working on getting things organized but it’s a challenge (to say the least). So many preventable fires.

I’ve decided to go solo for a while regarding nutrition and counseling (meaning I won’t see a therapist or dietitian for a while). I believe that since my leg and back are feeling better, weight loss will not be so difficult. I know what to do, now I just have to do it.

Oh yeah, I’m on a Scale Back Alabama team this year. We have to lose 10 lbs each in 10 weeks. This year I’m gonna do it. Also, I’m walking the upcoming Color Me Rad 5k. I look forward to that.


2 thoughts on “Good Week

  1. Awesome to read about your good week. So happy for you that things are improving… Therapy and counseling can be so good for us–but I totally relate—sometimes you just want to say, okay–thank you, I’ve learned a bunch thanks to you—I’m going to apply some things now and see how I do… Like taking off the training wheels. I’m so happy for you and your fiance. I’m sincerely excited for your future, Stephen.
    Good on you for putting the 5K walk on your schedule… Reminds me to check my schedule and perhaps add something like that! With you, Stephen–all the way, my friend.


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