Things have been going okay. I had two great weeks of eating well and exercising regularly. However, this past weekend was a bust and my week hasn’t been the greatest. Some great news: I believe that my back has gotten a lot better because I’ve been exercising regularly and my numbness and pain issues have significantly reduced to the point of almost being non existent. I’m still very cautious with my movements, but have done a lot of movements that, prior to surgery, would flare up my leg numbness.

Since my back and leg are behaving, I’m starting to consider walking a half marathon in September. I’ll keep monitoring my progress and if there are no setbacks, I’ll start training for the Talladega Half Marathon.

My buddy Hal has given me an Advovare 24 Day Challenge kit which I am going to start on Tuesday, February 25th. The nutrition plan is pretty tough but it’s just 24 days, right? My honest opinion is that the same results could be achieved by following the meal plan and not using supplements, but I told Hal that I would try it, and I am going to stick to my promise. Who knows, it may be a good kick start. Right now, I plan on going back to my regular meal plans after the challenge. I will blog my progress through the program and am expecting a lot of complaining about hunger. (If you can’t tell, I’m a skeptic about supplements and other items such as weight loss shake products.) Really, all diets work if you stick to them, but how realistic are most diets?

Since my last post, my truck died and I got a brand new 2014 Chevy Spark. I call her Sparky:



Tomorrow I’m heading up to Canada to see my Fiancee, Rachel… We have a new wedding web site: http://www.mywedding.com/vinsonwedding2015 Check it out. :)


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. That program is setting you up to fail. Things like that are for people with 20 or so pounds to lose, not 200. You’ll be hungry to an extreme and eventually binge. Don’t set yourslef up for failure. Find a much more sustainable WL plan. Try paleo, for real. Meat and veggies. Avoid sugar and grains. And run like hell away from anything that uses meal replacement shakes. Thats not going to satisfy anyone.


  2. Stephen,
    I’ve read your blogs for years, and never commented. Just followed your journey. I’ve been amazed how critical people have been of your efforts. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. Its a marathon not a sprint and we all need something to kick start us every now and then. I’m so thrilled for you and Rachel and your upcoming wedding. Best wishes!


  3. That other commenter makes a good point, but I don’t see how you going on that 24 day diet would be too much of a disadvantage to you. When I go on a low fat diet, my body usually plateau’s after a couple of months and stops burning burn. So I usually switch my diet up for two weeks to kick start it – where I’d cut out carbohydrates altogether for two weeks, just eat turkey,fish,vegetable’s and a lot of water. Then I got back to my original diet. I find this helps me burn fat again until the next plateau.


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