Mom’s Sick & Considering Overeaters Anonymous

It’s been a stressful week with my mom being in the hospital because of heavy bleeding. She’s going to have a hysterectomy  on Monday and I’m praying for her. The docs found a pre-cancerous mass in her uterus, so they’re going to remove it and any other suspicious looking items that can be removed safely. It’s been a long week of working, going to the hospital, going home to sleep, and then repeating the process. I am exhausted.

Of course, as a result of all of this stress, I’ve been binge eating up a storm. Well, my eating just hasn’t been on par for a while. I tried the Advocare products, and they gave me more energy, but that was about it. I’m considering trying Overeaters Aonymous again. A long long time ago I went to the meetings. I’ve got to do something. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be back up to 600 lbs in a year or so…. I’m also going to research treatment facilities, but insurance doesn’t cover anything and if insurance does, it won’t cover much. Plus I’ll miss work. I’m just all messed up. I wish I could be in a controlled environment. What if I commit a small misdemeanor so I can go to jail. They control everything. Well, getting arrested would ruin my immigration plans. I’ll scratch that plan.

I don’t know. I’ll think of something… I’ve spent my whole life avoiding weight loss surgery. Should I consider that? Should I just stop the fuss and just live the fat lifestyle? Maybe that would be better than living the highs and lows of yo-yo’ing. I have to be careful or I won’t be able to fit in my car. You might be think I’m joking, but I’m not.

I’m in the post-binge guilt phase of my eating cycles. Plus I’m exhausted from this week. AND today was the day from h –  e – double hockey sticks.

I am tired of obsessing over food and weight loss. It’s all I think about then I binge at night and on the weekends. After binging comes the guilt. Then I start the process over again.


12 thoughts on “Mom’s Sick & Considering Overeaters Anonymous

  1. I belong to a weight loss support group called TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY (TOPS). the website is We have weekly meeting and weigh ins with a program. there are groups all over Alabama including several in the Indian Springs area and I go to the one in Roebuck. It is not expensive and requires no special diet. Just good old support and we make life long friends who know what we are going through and provide support. if you will email me I will give you my number and can tell you more.


  2. Don’t give up on yourself! I know times get tough and I can only imagine what you’re going through, but you’re a strong man. You’ve got this. Focus on something small, liking drinking enough water, and build on that. Don’t let these bumps in the road keep you away from happiness. You deserve to be truly happy with yourself.


  3. I really think you should consider a neurotransmitter test. You may have a low dopamine or adrenaline level but your SSRI antidepressant won’t help that. Check my website if you haven’t already. You’ve lost half your body weight before and you can do it again.


  4. STOP!!! BREATH!!! Look how blessed you are … Folks are giving you great advice…Sure the easiest thing to do is quit.. But is that what you really want??? All of this hard work… I can not imagine you throwing in the towel… WLS should be an option for you…what about weight watchers.. I know they meet at 119 once a week… I think the TOPS idea is awesome!!! With your mom I know it’s I hope all surgery goes well and her healing goes quickly too.. Please do not give up on yourself!!!


  5. Wow, it sounds like you are having a rough time. I don’t know much about OA or TOPS but is does sound like you need a source of frequent support. I will be thinking of you, and wishing you the best.


  6. I second the reader who told you not to give up on yourself. My dad has a saying—“If this was easy, everybody would do it.” You’ve just come to a big speed bump in the road, and that isn’t reason to quit.


  7. I had the gastric bypass in 2002. Guess what? I lost 150 pounds & gained every pound back PLUS MORE. My issue, and I suspect yours, is addictive eating. Weight loss surgery won’t change your brain. And that’s what we’re dealing with. I’m feeling just as stressed right now. My stomach barely stays back from the wheel in my car to drive safely. I CANNOT stop being able to drive. I have to get to my job every day, and it’s a long commute. What do people like us do? Well, right now I’m doing Medifast & it’s helping. I lost 27 pounds in the first week. But I am still thinking about food 24/7. I don’t have the answers. But please know you’re not alone. There’s a whole lot of us out here in the same boat. Stay strong Friend!


  8. Stephen,
    YOU are the one who makes the decisions about what you do. You’ve done it before; you can do it again, and again, and again. One day at a time…
    I know Sean Anderson (Daily Diary of a Winning Loser was an inspiration for you before, and he’s just starting back from a slip/gain/down time–you may want to check him out, too.
    Hang in there–you’re worth it. No one said it’s easy, and think how good you’ll feel about yourself.


  9. Go to OA. You can use any one “diets” at the same time as your food plan, but you clearly need help from a power greater than yourself, especially if you’ve hit a wall and know you can’t do it yourself. There is so much support in the rooms of OA – I’ve been in there for nearly 14 years and maintaining an 86 pound weight loss even though I spent the 25 years prior to that bouncing up and down the scale. If you have the obsession of craving, if you have that confusion about where the weight’s coming from, go back to OA.


  10. Yes, yes, yes try an oa meeting. You have nothing to lose. There is a youtuber, named justaphotogirl , who did 2 videos on what OA is like.
    Take care!


  11. Stephen i’ve given you all the advice i have to give…… I don’t know if i’ve mentioned TOPS before?? They are wonderful people. They have no rigid food plan that you follow…….. they are support on your journey…. You weigh in once a week and attend the meeting…… My grandmother was apart of them. She went from 400+ pounds to 180 and was their queen for the year! She had a trophy and everything. :) Out of any weightloss group i would reccommend them. I’m so happy to see other people reccomend them too. Sending all good thoughts to your mom! Hugs! deb


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