I’m Doing Much Better. Mom Is Not.

Mom went home on Friday. We found out she had stage one cancer in her uterus, but hopefully the hysterectomy got all of it. Her ecologist is going to allow her to heal, then he might discuss radiation or he might just monitor her condition every six months. I know and have faith that she’s being well taken care of.

When we got home on Friday, her appetite was non-existent. Then on Saturday she started vomiting frequently although she hadn’t eaten anything. I called the doctors paging service and he called back instantly and said to take her to the ER. After some testing, they discovered she has a blockage in her intestine. They put inserted an NG tube via her nose to drain the bile from her belly. This prevents her from throwing up every 15 minutes.

The doc saw her this morning and is letting her intestine rest for 24 hours. If there’s no change tomorrow, they’re going to run some GI tests to see what’s going on. I’m praying they don’t have to do surgery again. She’s weak and sleeping a lot. I know she is going to be fine. This is just a speed bump.

I’m Doing Much Better

Since my last blog post, I’ve been doing much better. I’ve been doing some daily planning and tracking. – Once I create my plan, either at night or early in the morning, I make a promise to myself to follow the plan. – My primary goal is to not binge. I’m not obsessed with losing weight, I’m just working on keeping the binging at bay and planning my days according to the principals of nutrition that I learned from Sonthe and Donna. I am also participating in Overeaters Anonymous. I feel that I’m finally solving my root problem instead of riding an emotional roller coaster. I’m going to give this some more time before mentioning more on this topic. I want to make sure this isn’t another failed attempt at improving myself.

3 thoughts on “I’m Doing Much Better. Mom Is Not.

  1. Glad to hear that you are getting support for the binge eating and working your plan.

    Sorry to hear about your Mom. Tough to see our loved ones go through illness.



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