Log for Thursday, June 14, 2012

I picked this up yesterday, anticipating arrival of the new Jamis bike:

Exercise: 3.12 Mile run. — I am so pleased with my training! I’m doing well, and I’m actually injury free thus far!


Breakfast: eggs, toast, and a banana
Snack: Granola bar
Lunch: Turkey, cheese, and tomato sandwich. Also, broccoli and tomato.
Snack: Granola Bar
Snack: Granola Bar
Supper: Pork chop, polenta and onion, and green beans
Snack: Yogurt


ALL 50 STATES IS MY GOAL!, Log for Tuesday, June 12, 2012 and Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I forget to add the screen shots of my streak calendars to yesterday’s post… They’ve been added…


I’m surprised about how many different States I’ve mailed my “The 400 Pound Countdowntracker cards to! I’m making a game of this, and I need your help! My goal is to mail a card to all fifty States! Let’s also add in Washington D.C., and somewhere in South America. :) I’ve already mailed some to Canada, so that’s covered. I would love to mail some overseas!!!!!

What is this tracker card? It’s a laminated 5×7 card, and there are a couple of spaces marked for folks to use a dry erase marker to update my weight each week, and also how many pounds remain until my goal. As of today, I’m 82 pounds away from losing 400 Pounds!! Here’s what the card looks like:

The 400 Pound Countdown Tracker Card

Have you requested a card, yet? They are free!! Request yours here: http://www.whoatemyblog.com/400-pound-countdown/400-pound-countdown-laminated-tracker-card

Here’s a map of where they’ve been mailed thus far:


Log for Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exercise: 3.25 mile run

Watched the OKC and Miami game Tuesday night with the McCools…

Tucker wasn’t into the game

Grub :

Breakfast: eggs, toast, and a banana
Snack: granola bar
Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich and a salad
Snack: granola bar
Supper: Pork fajita and broccoli
Snack: Yogurt

Log for Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exercise: 2.71 mile run – Hot run at the Trak Shak


Breakfast: eggs, toast, and banana
Snack: Granola bar
Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich and veggies
Snack: Granola bar
Snack: Granola bar
Supper: pork fajita and broccoli
Snack: Yogurt

Log for Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exercise: We had our first long in for our half marathon training. We did four miles, and it was pleasant. I started using my Fuel Belt, a belt that holds two small water bottles,  and for me, the belt helps to support my back. I use water more for pouring on my head, face, and arms when I’m overheating. So, if you see me running downtown Birmingham, and it appears that I’m drenched in sweat, I’m actually drenched in water. ;)

This week I’m going to start tracking my runs again with my Garmin, and also start tracking my runs in a spreadsheet. My buddy Russ has a spreadsheet (come to think of it, I want a copy of his so I can compare my performance to his) that he uses to track his PR’s. He’s been tracking his runs for a long time. First, he started tracking his one mile PR’s, so the first one mile run was his first PR. Then the next run that beat the PR time he would add it to the list. So, every single run isn’t tracked in the spreadsheet. Only the PR’s.

It was really cool to see that he started with approximately 15 min miles, and now he’s gotten down to approximately 7 min miles. (Russ, I apologize if those numbers are way off. I can’t remember the exact times.) Soon, Russ will be running a full marathon (like in 2 weeks). Yep, he’s a BOSS!

I’m still very slow, but I’m in this training to cover the distance. I feel that it’s my job to keep my nutrition on track and cover the distances on the training runs. My speed will get faster naturally as my weight goes down and as I get stronger. The spreadsheet is really going to help me look at a snapshot of my progress. It’s exciting. :)


Breakfast: eggs, toast, and a banana
Snack: 1.5 bananas and .5 yogurt
Lunch: Grilled cheese with turkey, and fruit salad
Snack: Oatmeal
Supper: Chicken fajita and spinach
Dessert: Fruit Salad
Snack: Fruit Salad

Meeting with Dietitian, 4 Week Rest from Iron Tribe, Training Run 2, and Log for Thursday, May 31, 2012

I met up with Sonthe (dietitian) yesterday, and our meetings are shorter and more pleasant (LOL) now that I’m behaving. The highlight of the appointment was when she told me that she believes that this final 100 lbs will be the easiest to lose because I have worked through some issues, and have been on a major streak.

I know one thing, this last 100 lbs is going to be the most fun to lose. You’ll see what I’m talking about at the party on the 9th!! Just imagine this final 100 lbs. I’ll be in the 200’s. My running will be faster. I’ll be biking…. Excitement is in the air. (Literally, you’ll see what I’m talking about soon.)

4 Week Rest from Iron Tribe

I have decided to take a 4 week rest from Iron Tribe to allow my tennis elbow to heal. I injured it back when I took 101, and it’s getting worse. So, as much as I hate to do this, I am pausing my membership for a month. Don’t y’all worry though, I’ll be back. Save my spot! ;) Rest, Ice, and anti-inflammatory meds will have me good as new soon enough.

Training Run 2

Yesterday, I went on a 3 mile run with the Run University half marathon training group. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GROUP, THIS TIME AROUND. This is like the forth or fifth time that I have participated in Danny’s group. Before, I usually found an excuse to get out, or I would end up injured. There’s just a different feeling this time around. I’m lighter, in better shape, and my outlook is better. Do I feel foolish for failing the other attempts? Yes — Do I regret failing? sure, a little — Would I be where I’m at right now if I didn’t attempt participating with his groups in the past? NO  — More importantly, would I be where I’m at right now if I didn’t keep trying to complete his running program, if I just gave up? NO — Although, technically I failed at those attempts, I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to, in a way, make a fool of yourself. IT IS NOT OKAY TO GIVE UP!

I’m learning to not compare myself to others. I’m the biggest and slowest in the group, but I still show up and do my own thing. What’s great this time around, is that it’s not taking me quite so long to catch up to the group. Progress is exciting.

We’re running 4 miles Saturday morning.

This is my new buddy, Steven. He has lost over 200 lbs!!! Doesn't he look great?!

Log for Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exercise: 3 mile run


Breakfast: Eggs, toast, and a banana
Snack: yogurt and peanut butter
Lunch: Turkey and Cheese sandwich and a yogurt
Snack: oatmeal and pb (That's all I had left to take a pic of... oops)
Supper: Chicken Fajita
Dessert: Yogurt
Final Snack: Banana

First Training Run for the Talladega Half Marathon & Log for Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yesterday afternoon was so exciting! We had our first training run for the Talladega Half Marathon that’s on Sept 16!!

It was sooooo hot out there!

We had a 2 or 3 mile option, and I chose the 2 because I ran 4 the previous day. After the run, everyone met up in Workplay for ice cold beverages. I had a tall, cool glass of water….

I believe this is the bar owner's pooch.

Log for Tuesday, May 29, 2012



  • 5 rounds of:
  • 10 power cleans, 135/95#
  • 15 wall ball shots, 20/14#
  • rest 2 mins…
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 10 power cleans, 135/95#
  • 15 wall ball shots, 20/14#
  • *time is over after all 8 rounds are complete. Include the 2 min rest in your score.
I subbed a sumo squat with a kettle bell instead of doing power cleans. I used a 45 lb kb. I did use a 20 lb med ball for the wall ball shots, but I hit the women’s target instead of the men’s. I did 5 rounds, not 8. My time was: 19:00
Run: 2 mile run with Run University group
Breakfast: eggs, toast, and a banana
Snack: Peanut butter and oatmeal
Lunch: Turkey and cheese on wheat and broccoli
Snack: peanut butter and oatmeal
Supper: steak fajita and broccoli
Snack: yogurt

Log for Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exercise: 3 mile Trak Shak loop in Homewood. They had some kind of party going on at Trak Shak that include some delicious smelling barbecue. I just kept on running back to my car. No bbq for me. I was craving some polenta lasagna… ha ha… I’m about to post a video on Keek that answers a few questions that I’ve received about my food.

Also, stay tuned here on the blog today. There’s a very special guest blog post that I believe you will LOVE… it’s coming up in 45 minutes. :)

Have a great day!!

Breakfast: eggs, toast, and banana
Lunch: Turkey and cheese on wheat and steamed veggies
Snack: PB and Oatmeal
Supper: chicken breast, polenta lasagna, and broccoli
Snack: Yogurt
Water: 152 oz.

Add Miles To Your Long Run: Don’t Take A Map & Log for Saturday, May 19, 2012

I joined the Birmingham Track Club yesterday morning on their Saturday long run.

I planned on running 4-5 miles, and ended up running 6. It felt like I ran 10… I was dumb enough to run a route without a map, thus I didn’t know how far out I was. As the temperature starting rising, my legs started getting more and more fatigued. Around (I’m guessing) mile 5, I had to take a break, which I don’t like doing on long runs because once my legs stop, they don’t like starting up again. So, unless you want to run extra miles, take a map.

Saturday’s Grub – I over ate a little. I just couldn’t get full… I drank tons of water. I guess I was just feeling fatigued and tired, and that had me desiring more food. I’m not overly concerned about Saturday. I’ll make sure though that Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are good. I want to have a good weigh in Wednesday, especially since I’ll be on the TV Tuesday night.

Breakfast: Polenta Lasagna, Yogurt, and Banana
Snack: Peach smoothie
Lunch: Pepper Patch Salad & Steak from Urban Cookhouse
Snack: Peanut Butter & Banana sandwich
Snack: Yogurt
Supper: Polenta Lasagna & Brussel Sprouts
Snack: Yogurt
Supper 2: Polenta Lasagna, Yogurt, and a tablespoon of pb (I swear that's all that was in the jar, lol)
Snack: Yogurt
Snack: 2 packs of oatmeal

Didn’t photograph bedtime snack: One banana and a slice of mozzarella cheese

Water: 148 oz

Log for Monday, April 30, 2012

Today, I cut back a lot to make up for eating extras over the weekend. I also did my WOD and ran.


  • for time:
  • 80 wall ball shots, 20/14#
  • run 400m with medball overhead
  • 80 kb snatches, 53/35
  • run 400m with medball overhead
  • 80 wall ball shots
  • *One partner must rest while the other works. Snatches must alternate arms. Keep the order of the workout. The medball must be held overhead while running. Partners must run together.
I used the 14# wall ball for the wall ball shots. Also, I used the women’s target instead on the men’s. I used a 10 lb medball for the run, and (I believe) a 26 lb kb for the kb snatches.
I ran one mile with the Birmingham Track Club group. I wanted to run more, but cut it short because my knee is acting up.
Breakfast: egg, toast, and a banana
Lunch: salad from Momma Goldberg's Deli
Supper: salad, fat-free ranch, tomatoes, and chicken
Supper: polenta veggie lasagna
Snack: yogurt
Water: 142 oz.

2012 Country Music Mini Marathon Including Rodney Atkins Concert

Today’s Country Music Mini Marathon (2.6 miles) was fantastic!!! I was so glad that the Rock N’ Roll organizers provided this option because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have gone to the race. It gave the injured, slow, non-runners, or under trained folks an opportunity to participate in the Country Music event.

There were 31,000 runners at today’s marathon, half marathon, and mini marathon event, and I must say that for an event of this magnitude, it was extremely well managed! Sure there was long lines to get into the expo yesterday, and there was a long line to get on the shuttle to the start line, BUT that line was constantly moving. We didn’t have to wait very long in any of the lines.

The coolest part about running the mini marathon was that we were in the first corral. We had a front row seat to all of the stuff going on at the starting line. For example, they had Dave Ramsey say a few words. He lives in Nashville, and ran in the half marathon. Also, John Bingham said a few words. (During the race, he ran past me and told me I was doing a good job.)

The short course that we had was very hilly, and just when we thought there were no more hills, we turned the corner and hit our steepest hill, but it is what it is. :)

After the race, I headed over to the 3Wheel tent to say hey to Matt and grab a little water and food. Matt provided me with a chair and some ice for my leg, which was very awesome!!

After Randy finished the half, we headed back to our hotel to shower and rest for a little while. After, we ate lunch at Subway, then had dessert at Yogurt Mountain.

This evening we headed to the Bridgestone Arena for the post-race Rodney Atkins concert. It was a fantastic show!!!!


Shuttle to the start line
Centennial Park
Randy's ready to go
There was at least on Gnome in Nashville
Elvis was running the full.
Dave Ramsey
31,000 runners
The PF Chang's dragon
The starting line
This guy was a hoot!
He danced...
and danced...
and danced some more...
This cool dude danced the ENTIRE RACE!!
Post race photo
Finish line panorama. (Click pic for a larger view)
I chilled out in the 3Wheel post race tent.
3Wheel had lots of snacks, and later setup a build-your-own sandwich spread.
3 Wheel also had water, Gatorade, and some brews.


3Wheel Matt
Ronnie managing his beers
Evening post-race concert
Opening band: Gloriana
Rodney Atkins
Rodney Atkins


Country Music Marathon Packet Pickup

Randy and I left Birmingham around 1:00pm, Nashville bound for the Country Music Half and Mini Marathon. He’s running the half, and I’ll be running the mini. The weather has cooperated today, and it appears that it will be beautiful tomorrow, however it might be hot.

My race starts up at 6:45am, and we have to get to the start line along with 34,000 other people. So we’re hitting the sack.

We went to the expo to pick up our race packets, then we also met up with some Birmingham friends for supper at California Pizza Kitchen.

Here’s a gallery of images from today for your viewing pleasure:

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